2011 Tour — Outstanding in the Field

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Monteillet Fromagerie, Dayton, WA

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View the Video of the Outstanding in the Field/Monteillet Fromagerie July 13, 2011 Event
Video by Lyle and Wendy Morgan, www.morganvideo.com

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Monteillet Events: Outstanding in the Field, July 13, 2011

Photo from OITF website

We’re participating in Outstanding in the Field’s (OTIF) 2011 tour! This will be the first OTIF public event in Eastern Washington and the Walla Walla wine region.

With our first Walla Walla public event we will visit the Monteillet artisan cheese making operation in Dayton, hear from Pierre-Louis and Joan, see the animals and find out how the cheese comes to be. After a tour around the property guests will find a seat at a table and start out with a glass off Walla Walla’s finest. Outstanding guest chef Jamie Guerin of Whitehouse-Crawford has a full list of local farmers featured on his restaurant website. The menu will reflect the best of Walla Walla, the best of the season. ~ Outstanding in the Field website

Event details are posted on the OITF website.