2014 Outstanding in the Field farm-to-table dinner

photo: Outstanding in the Field 2014

Announcing the 2014 Outstanding in the Field farm-to-table dinner hosted at our farm —

July 17, 2014 @ 4pm
Bryant Bader, Whoopemup Hollow Cafe,Bruce and Heather Hiebert, Patit Creek Restaurant & Mandi Wendt, Weinhard Café

Here’s what Outstanding in the Field says about our dinner:
“Jim and Joan. Our farm dinner tour wouldn’t be the same without a yearly visit to Joan and Pierre Louis of Monteillet Fromagerie. It’s a long road ahead, and at this point we take advantage of every opportunity to steel ourselves for the rigors to come. Monteillet is a nurturing redoubt created by two artisan cheesemakers. When you’re heading off to cross the entire country, hauling out a long table at nearly 80 stops along the way, a good redoubt comes in handy. This event in Walla Walla always involves a mess of area chefs who rotate on who gets top billing. But they’re all good at sharing, and the collaboration always brings good things to the table.”

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