2013 Tour —Outstanding in the Field

Thursday July 18, 2013
Monteillet Fromagerie, Walla Walla, WA

Guest Chef: Hannah MacDonald, Brasserie Four, Walla Walla

Time: 4 pm

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photo: Outstanding in the Field 2013 Tour, Monteillet Fromagerie, July 18, 2013, photo by Serena of the Farm Chicks Blog

photo credit: Serena of The Farm Chicks Blog

We’re participating in Outstanding in the Field’s (OTIF) tour again this year!

“Years ago, the Jolly Green Giant was painted on the hillside down the road from the Monteillet farm. The Palouse region once grew an enormous amount of peas for Del Monte. Peas were replaced by wheat. The giant remains. Guests interested in experiencing such a significant agricultural and culinary oddity can choose to scale the hillside. Or just look up.

Our guest chef at Monteillet this year is Hannah MacDonald of Brasserie 4 in Walla Walla. Hannah’s cuisine francaise seems the perfect pairing for an event with our farmer/cheesemaker friends Joan and Pierre Louis Monteillet. We are so looking forward to our yearly visit!”

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Watch our video from the 2011 Outstanding in the Field Tour.

photo credit: Serena of The Farm Chicks Blog