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Spring Lambing Is Nearly Chaos In Northwest Farm Country

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By Anna King
Published: Northwest News Network | April 07, 2010 11 p.m. | Updated: July 17, 2012 1:08 a.m. | Dayton, WA

Farm life can look serene from afar. Shows like the old stand-by ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ portray a slower pace — nothing like the hectic city grind full of traffic, nagging email and never-ending Tweets.

But this time of year, life on many farms is at its most frenetic. Anna King traveled to a sheep and goat cheese farm in Dayton, Washington. She has this snapshot of rural life during lambing season.

To an outsider, life at the Monteillet Fromagerie looks crazy. Just a short visit to the artisan cheese farm sends my head spinning.

In a small cheese tasting room winemakers are trying to pair their libations with cheese for an upcoming promotion. A pro photographer wanders around in colorful muck boots snapping shots. And guests from China have dropped in for a tour.

Then there’re about 300 hungry sheep and goats to deal with. And there’s cheese to be made.

Read the article and listen to the Anna King’s interview with Joan and Pierre-Louis here>>

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