Seattle Weekly features Monteillet’s Joan & Pierre-Louis

The Not-So Simple Life: Joan and Pierre-Louis Monteillet of Monteillet Fromagerie

seattle weekly
By Zibby Wilder
Published: June 27, 2012

photo: Joan and Pierre Louis Monteillet from the Seattle Weekly

Joan and Pierre Louis Monteillet, photo from Seattle Weekly

“Joan and Pierre-Louis Monteillet live what many consider to be a dream life, churning out beautiful handmade cheeses from a charming farm that’s, yes, pretty as a postcard. But life at Monteillet Fromagerie isn’t as idyllic as it seems – unless you are a fan of really, really, really hard work. When these former wheat farmers aren’t caring for animals, making cheese, managing the tasting room (with outdoor pizza oven!), travelling to Farmer’s Markets as far away as Portland and Seattle, hosting incredible events – such as July’s upcoming Outstanding in the Field dinner, managing a holiday guest house, teaching cheesemaking workshops, or sharing their knowledge with farm interns (live in Kyle MacLachlan’s trailer from the set of Twin Peaks!) they are busy thinking of what’s next – and how that can be better than what was. Tired yet? It may be exhausting just to read about, but this inspiring couple manage it all with a gusto, generosity of spirit and joy that could muster the inner farmer instinct in even the most urban city slicker.”

Read the entire Seattle Weekly article here>>

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