photo: Pierre-Louis Monteillet from Seattle Met Magazine, July 2013

Walla Walla Beyond Wine

In their latest issue which has just hit the stores, Seattle Met magazine confirms what we’ve known for a long time…”The best harvest in town isn’t made of grapes.” Writer David Laskin takes you to our fromagerie and gives you a little tour. Next time you visit Walla Walla wine country, come and visit us….

Monteillet did it again…Top 8 in agritourism experiences

Top 8 agritourism experiences Our favorite ways to experience the romance of the small farm (and pick up new skills), from now into harvest season by Jess Thomson “Save for the fact it’s in Eastern Washington, everything about the Fromagerie is unabashedly French. Rent the farmside gîte (French for “holiday home”) and live your own…

photo: Joan and Pierre Louis Monteillet from the Seattle Weekly

Seattle Weekly features Monteillet’s Joan & Pierre-Louis

The Not-So Simple Life: Joan and Pierre-Louis Monteillet of Monteillet Fromagerie By Zibby Wilder Published: June 27, 2012 “Joan and Pierre-Louis Monteillet live what many consider to be a dream life, churning out beautiful handmade cheeses from a charming farm that’s, yes, pretty as a postcard. But life at Monteillet Fromagerie isn’t as idyllic as…