Divine cheese and a farm stay at The Gite

“Want a taste of farm life—and the Monteillets’ divine cheese…” Mountain Living recommends you come see us, have a farm stay at The Gite and learn to make cheese in one of your hands-one workshops.

photo for Mountain Living cover by Steve Scardina, http://www.scardinaphoto.com/

“In Washington’s Walla Walla Valley, an area known for producing luscious wines, Joan and Pierre-Louis Monteillet nurture a different (but perfectly complementary) craft: cheese-making. At the fromagerie on their 32-acre farmstead, the couple churn out fresh herbed chèvre, sheep’s-milk mozzarella, brie-style Cardabelle and other small-batch, totally natural cheeses made of milk from the farm’s own dairy. (The particular breeds of sheep and goats the couple raise produce milk with a high butter-fat content—perfect for making creamy French-style cheese.) The Monteillets use traditional methods that Pierre-Louis learned in Roquefort, France, where world-famous cheeses are aged in natural caves.”

Mountain Living’s March/April 2013, “For the Love of Local”