photo: Pierre-Louis Monteillet from Seattle Met Magazine, July 2013

Walla Walla Beyond Wine

In their latest issue which has just hit the stores, Seattle Met magazine confirms what we’ve known for a long time…”The best harvest in town isn’t made of grapes.” Writer David Laskin takes you to our fromagerie and gives you a little tour. Next time you visit Walla Walla wine country, come and visit us….

photo for Mountain Living cover by Steve Scardina,

Divine cheese and a farm stay at The Gite

“Want a taste of farm life—and the Monteillets’ divine cheese…” Mountain Living recommends you come see us, have a farm stay at The Gite and learn to make cheese in one of your hands-one workshops. “In Washington’s Walla Walla Valley, an area known for producing luscious wines, Joan and Pierre-Louis Monteillet nurture a different (but…